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The 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics(AILA2011) is being held in Beijing on August 23-28, 2011.

Theme: Harmony in diversity: language, culture, society
Time:  August 23-28, 2011
Venue: Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing
Organizer: Organized by Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée (International Association of Applied Linguistics)
Hosted by: China English Language Education Association
     Beijing Foreign Studies University
     National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education
     Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.
    A: Language Acquisition and Processing
     1.First Language Acquisition
     2.Second Language Acquisition
     3.Written and Visual Literacy

    B: Language Teaching and Learning
     5.Mother Tongue Education
     6.Standard Language Education
     7.Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development
     8.Learner Autonomy in Language Learning
     9.Language and Education in Multilingual Settings
     10.Educational Technology and Language Learning

    C: Language in Professions
     11.Business and Professional Communication
     12.Translating, Interpreting and Mediation
     13.Language and the Law
     14.Language and the workplace
     15.Language in the Media and Public Discourse

    D: Language in Societies
     17.Language Policy
     18.Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
     19.Intercultural Communication
     20.Applied linguistics within Asian contexts

    E: Applied Linguistics and Methodology
     21.Discourse Analysis and Pragmatics
     22.Rhetoric and Stylistics
     23.Contrastive Linguistics and Error Analysis
     24.Lexicography and Lexicology
     25.Multimodality in Discourse and Text
     26.Language Evaluation, Assessment and Testing

Plenary Speakers:
Allan Bell (Auckland University of Technology)
Malcolm Coulthard (University of Aston)
Diane Larsen-Freeman (University of Michigan)
Barbara Seidlhofer (University of Vienna)
Gu Yueguo (Beijing Foreign Studies University, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Invited Symposia:
• Patricia Duff (University of British Columbia): Multilingualism and Language Policy
• Gao Yihong (Peking University): Language, identity and globalization
• Nkonko Kamwangamalu (Howard University) & Gary Barkhuizen (University of Auckland): Migration, language maintenance and shift: Multiple perspectives
• Franćise Salager-Meyer (University of Los Andes): Languages for Specific Purposes
• Elana Shohamy (Tel Aviv University): Language Testing
• Marjolijn Verspoor & Kees de Bot (University of Groningen): Dynamic Systems Theory and Second Language Development